Investment holdings

Investment holdings are generated based on the investment transactions entered into investment accounts and are tracked at the account level as well as for the overall Portfolio. Each holding is based on the security and the transactions involving that security. Aggregate investment holdings across all accounts can be viewed in the Portfolio - Holdings section. Individual investment account holdings, or holdings across multiple accounts, can be viewed in an Investment Values report on the desired account(s).

Note Note: Gain/loss information for holdings are calculated on a First In, First Out basis (FIFO).

Investment Holdings

Tip Tip: When viewing investment holdings in the Portfolio - Holdings section, you can add or remove various optional columns. For example, you can add the "Account" column to view the accounts for the holdings or add the "As of Date" column in order to view the last time the price was set for the securities. Adjust the optional columns for a table by using the program's View → Columns menu or by Control-clicking on an uneditable area of the table.

Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Edit Price: Command-E
  • Save Price: Return or Command-E
  • Cancel Changes: Escape (Esc)
  • Show/Hide Graph: Command-5
  • Next View* Shift-Command-Right Bracket (]) or Shift-Command-Right Arrow
  • Previous View*: Shift-Command-Left Bracket ([) or Shift-Command-Left Arrow

    *For switching between views within a section such as switching between the Securities view and the Holdings view within the Portfolio section.

Review the full list of keyboard shortcuts