Create accounts

Create accounts to represent the accounts you hold at financial institutions that you want to track in SEE Finance. You can also setup accounts for other purposes such as tracking assets, liabilities and personal loans. Learn how to create accounts manually and by download below.

Create an Account:

  1. Tap Action Button underneath the main account list and then choose the "Create Account" option.
Document Action Button

Select how to create

You will have the option to create accounts by manually entering account information, by downloading information from institutions, or by importing a file.

Create Account
  1. Select how to create the account.
  2. Tap "Next" to continue.

Enter in the details for the account.

Create Manually
  1. Enter the desired name for the account.
  2. Select the account type for the account.
  3. Select the currency for the account.
  4. Set the balance and date for the balance as of when you want to begin tracking the account.
  5. For credit card accounts, set the credit limit.
  6. Then tap "Create" to create the account.

Create accounts by setting up OFX Direct Connect download connections to supporting institutions. Check out the Transaction Downloads page to learn more about OFX Direct Connect downloads and for troubleshooting information.

Select the institution

Scroll or search to locate the desired institution.

Available Institutions

Enter your login credentials

Fill in the Direct Connect login credentials for your account(s) at the institution.

Login Credentials
  1. Enter your Direct Connect login credentials for your account(s) at the institution.
  2. Select the option to "Store Credentials in Apple Keychain" if you'd like to store your login credentials securely in your Apple Keychain. If the login credentials are not stored in your Apple Keychain then you will need to enter them each time to download accounts.
  3. Then tap "Next" to continue.

Note Note: Your Direct Connect login credentials at the institution may or may not be the same as your login credentials for the institution's general website.

Change your PIN/Password if requested

Some institutions will prompt you to change your Direct Connect PIN/Password when setting up downloads in a program.

Change PIN/Password
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Tap "Skip" if you have already done so in the past or if you just don't wish to change your PIN/Password.
    • Fill in your old password and desired new password and tap "Next" to continue.

Account discovery

Most institutions will supply you with a list of available accounts for download based on your login credentials, referred to as "Account Discovery".

Account Discovery
  1. For each account found that you want to use for creating an account or use for an existing account's download connection in the program, tap their account listing.
Account Discovery
  1. Review the available account for download and do the following:
    • For accounts you want to create, tap the "Create" option to turn it on as needed. Then edit the "Name" for the account as you want it to appear in the program.
    • For accounts that should be assigned to an existing account, it should be automatically selected for the "Assign to Account" option if it has been setup before. Otherwise, you can set the "Assign to Account" to an existing account.
    • For accounts that you don't want to create and that you don't want to assign to an existing account, tap the "Create" option to turn it off as needed and set the "Assign to Account" option to "Don't Assign to an Account".
  2. Tap "Done" to go back to the list of accounts found.
  3. Once you have reviewed all of the accounts found, tap "Next" to create the account(s).

Note Note: You can also use the "Try Manual Setup" option to setup downloads for an account by providing specific account information.

Manual setup

Some institutions prefer you to manually enter the information for the account you want to setup downloads for. Enter the specific details for the account you want to setup.

Manual Setup
  1. Set the "Account Name" as you want the account to be named in the program.
  2. Select the account type.
  3. Enter the account number
  4. Enter the routing number (for banking accounts only).
  5. Tap "Next" to create the account .

Note Note: Some institutions allow for "Account Discovery" to provide you a list of available accounts for download based on your login credentials. You can tap "Try Account Discovery" to attempt to look up accounts based on your login credentials if desired.

Troubleshooting downloads

Check out the Transaction Downloads page to learn more about OFX Direct Connect downloads in general and for troubleshooting information.


Create additional accounts by tapping "Create Another". Tap "Done" when you are finished creating new accounts.


Begin updating your new account(s)

Categorize the transactions in your new account(s) to track your cash flow in detail. Customize settings for the account including account color and optional table columns.

Note Note: For investment accounts created manually you will need to record position adjustment transactions to setup the holdings in the account as of the date you want to begin tracking the account. For investment accounts created by Direct Connect downloads you will need to update any initial position adjustment transactions to have a Price of the cost basis per share of those shares. This is due to the information from the institution not containing cost basis information for shares held prior to the transactions available in the download/file.