Search transactions

Search accounts based on payee, transaction type, category, tags, memo, security, and/or amount. Search transactions across all accounts in the Transactions section or within an account's Transactions section. Perform transaction searches in either the table list view or the calendar view.

Search transactions:

  1. The search field is hidden underneath the top of the transactions list. Pull the list of transactions all the way down to show the search field.
Search Transactions
  1. Tap the search field and type to search.
Search Transactions
  1. Tap on the different search parameter options to adjust the search.
  2. End the search by tapping "Cancel".

Tip Tip: During searches the transaction info listed at the bottom will change to display the search info such as "4 Items: -$123.45".

Tip Tip: Amount searches can be done using partial amounts such as searching for "150" which will return any transactions with amounts between 150.00 and 150.99 plus any transactions with amounts between -150.00 and -150.99.