Flag transactions

Unreviewed Flag Needs Further Review Flag

Set flags for transactions to easily identify them later for additional review. Transactions that you download or import from files are flagged as "Unreviewed" Unreviewed Flag by default. Easily locate any transactions flagged as "Unreviewed" by checking for a badge number to the right of an account's balance in the main account list.

Default flags

Below you can learn more about the two default flags included in every SEE Finance file: "Unreviewed" and "Needs further review". You can create more flags as needed. Flags can have one of two behaviors for removing them from transactions: clear on selection and remove manually.

Unreviewed Flag Unreviewed: Designed to help easily identify new transactions. Set by default when downloading or importing transactions. The number of transactions marked with the "Unreviewed" flag can be viewed in the in the main account list. This flag will be automatically removed from transactions when you select them by default.

Needs Further Review Flag Needs further review: Designed to be used for transactions that require further attention later. This flag is set to be removed manually by default which requires explicitly selecting to remove the flag from the transaction.