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SEE Finance 2 for macOS
SEE Finance 2 for macOS

Install SEE Finance 2 for macOS:

  1. First, purchase a license for SEE Finance 2 for macOS from our website or you can try the program for 30 days before needing to purchase a license.
  2. Use Finder to check your Downloads folder, or custom download location, for there being any copies of SEE Finance that were downloaded previously and move them to the Trash.
  3. Download the current version of SEE Finance 2 for macOS from our website:
  1. After the program finishes downloading you will need to use Finder to move the program from your Downloads folder, or custom download location, to your Applications folder or to a subfolder within your Applications folder. Prior to doing so you may need to "unzip" the program if it was not unzipped automatically. If you currently have another version of SEE Finance installed then you will be prompted to replace that version. Refer to the note below if you want to keep multiple versions of the program.
  2. In Finder, open SEE Finance 2 for macOS from your Applications folder.
  3. When opening any program that was downloaded outside of the Mac App Store you will be prompted to verify that you are sure you want to open it in a message such as the one in the screenshot below. Accept to "Open" the program.
Finder Alert
  1. Pin the program's Dock icon to the Dock if desired. To pin a Dock icon, Control-click on the program's Dock icon to be shown a pop-up menu and then in the Options submenu select the "Keep in Dock" option.
  2. Then get started using SEE Finance 2 for macOS.

Note Note: Please do not skip the step of using Finder to install the program in your Applications folder. As of macOS 10.12 Sierra, programs that are downloaded from the internet will be put in "quarantine" until they are moved using Finder by the user. Programs that are put in "quarantine" can act strangely including loading slower than normal, their pinned Dock icons don't work, and they can crash unexpectedly.

Note Note: Please do not rename the program itself including if you downloaded multiple copies or versions of it. The program should remain named as "SEE Finance" or as "SEE" if you have file extensions set to be shown. If the program was renamed, please reinstall the program.

Note Note: It is an option to keep older versions of SEE Finance such as for trying out version 2 while still regularly using version 1. Multiple copies of the program can be kept by storing them in separate subfolders within your Applications folder. For example, keep the first version of SEE Finance in a subfolder named "SEE Finance Version 1" and keep SEE Finance 2 in a subfolder named "SEE Finance Version 2". It is not recommended to keep multiple copies of the same major version such as version 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1, 2.X, etc as that can lead to confusion and the latest release of a major version should almost always be used.

Note Note: The Google Chrome web browser may present an alert indicating "SEE is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous." when downloading a version of SEE Finance that was only just recently released (before Google has had a chance to perform their own verification of the program). SEE Finance can always be safely downloaded using the Safari web browser from our website as it is notarized by Apple.