Currencies preferences


There's preferences for how currencies and exchanges rates are handled in the program that you can learn more about below. The Currencies preferences can be found in the program's preferences. Access the program's preferences by tapping Action Button underneath the main account list and then choose the "Preferences" option.

Currencies preferences view

Currencies Preferences

Currencies preferences info:

  • Default currency: The default currency for the program that is used for setting the default currency of new files when they are created. Initially set to the default currency of the set region for iOS.
  • Note Note: Once a file is created you can change its default currency in the file's settings if needed.

  • Exchange rates:

    How exchange rates should be updated. Select from the following options:

    • Download rates manually: Exchange rates will only download when selecting to do so.
    • Download at start: Exchange rates will download when opening the program/file. The default.
    • Enter rates manually: Exchange rates are only updated when manually edited.
  • Show currency symbol in amounts: Whether or not the currency symbol should be listed in amounts. On by default.
  • Use parentheses for negative amounts: Whether or not to use parentheses instead of the minus sign when displaying negative amounts. Off by default.
  • Require decimal symbol when entering amounts: Whether or not the decimal symbol needs to be entered in an amount. For example, with this preference off you can type in 1234 to have $12.34 set for the amount. On by default.