Data security

Keep your data safe by storing it in a secure location and and keep your devices secure. With the exception of account download login credentials and account numbers, your data for the program is stored in your file(s) for the program. You choose and control the location of your data file(s). Sensitive information, such as download connection login credentials and account numbers, are stored securely in your Apple Keychain or not at all.

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Store your data in a secure location

Choose to keep your data file(s) for the program in a secure location such as only on your device or on iCloud which keeps all files encrypted. Remember to also keep backup files in a secure location.

Keep your device(s) secure

Utilize the security options available throughout macOS and iOS. On iOS, require a strong passcode to unlock your device after a short period time of not being in use. On macOS, require a strong password to unlock your Mac after a short period time of not being in use. Turn on FileVault to encrypt your disk. You can also encrypt removable disks or media to protect files stored on those kinds of locations. Enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID to protect your account and data on iCloud.