Account downloads


Download transactions directly into the program using OFX Direct Connect downloads. OFX Direct Connect downloads is a common service that institutions provide for their customers to connect directly to the institution and download information. OFX Direct Connect downloads are a direct connection to the institution and therefore are very reliable in terms of connection and in content. Unlike downloading methods found in other programs and websites, with OFX Direct Connect downloads you don't have to agree to give away your personal data just for the convenience of downloading it. There's no data mining going on behind the scenes as we're only in the business of selling software and don't sell your data as other financial programs and websites commonly do. Your account download login credentials are stored securely in your Apple Keychain or not at all, based on your choice, and never stored on one of our servers or elsewhere as done by other financial programs and websites.

In order to use OFX Direct Connect downloads your institution(s) must provide you with this service. You can review the available OFX institutions list to check if you institution(s) provide you with this service. If any of your institutions do not provide you with this common service, ask them to do so. When checking with an institution's website or tech support, inquire about information regarding "Direct Connect" downloads. Some institutions refer to their Direct Connect downloads as "Online Banking with Quicken®" or "Online Banking with QuickBooks®". SEE Finance uses the exact same Direct Connect protocol and login credentials as Quicken® and QuickBooks®. Some institutions do require users to enroll specifically for their OFX Direct Connect downloads service and can also issue separate login credentials just for this service. A few institutions also charge a fee to use their Direct Connect downloads service. If your institution has different levels of fees for this service based on "Online Access" or "Online Access plus Online Bill Pay", you do not need to pay extra for the Online Bill Pay service as SEE Finance does not currently support Online Bill Pay.

If your institution provides you with OFX Direct Connect downloads you can setup downloads for your existing accounts or you can create new accounts by download. Learn more about transaction downloads, including security and troubleshooting information, on the Transaction Downloads page.