Re-create download connections

Account download connections can be re-created when needed such as for when an institution change's its OFX Direct Connect server setup or for when an account number is changed for an existing account. By following the information below, you can reduce the number of possible duplicates that could arise when re-creating the account's download connection.

Re-create a download connection:

  1. First, delete the download connection.
  2. Next, setup the download connection as you would normally do except turn off the option to "Download Transactions". This will allow you to get the download connection created without downloading every available transaction and having to review for possible duplicates.
  3. With the new connection created, check the account for when you left off downloading transactions and note that date.
  4. Perform a custom account download for just this account with the "Start" date set to when you left off downloading transactions or slightly before that date. The account should then be up to date and setup with an updated download connection.