Account login credentials

In order to perform account downloads you must supply the login credentials for the account's download connection. The login credentials for account downloads consist of are three pieces of information: the ID/user name, the PIN/password, and the account number. You have the option to store the login credentials securely in your Apple Keychain or not at all. If the login credentials are not stored in your Apple Keychain then you will need to enter them each time to download accounts. If you choose to store your login credentials in the Apple Keychain then all three items will be stored there even the ID/User Name as it can sometimes be a critical piece of information that needs to be kept safe such as a Social Security Number. Your login credentials are never stored in your file, on one of our servers, or anywhere else outside your control as done when using other financial programs and websites. They are under your control in your Apple Keychain or not stored at all.