File storage

SEE Finance Document

The program is document based, similar to text editing and spreadsheet programs, which means the program stores your data in the document data file(s) that you setup and use in the program. You can create as many files as you need such as having a personal file and then a business file or a file used to track the finances of someone else.

Storage location

SEE Finance Document

A great benefit of SEE Finance being a document based program is that you choose where your files are stored. Being able to choose where your file(s) for the program are stored keeps them under your control and allows you to easily make backups and restore from backups just as you would for any other file. On iOS, you have the option of storing your files within the app itself or on iCloud. Selecting to store your file(s) on iCloud makes them accessible on all of your Mac and iOS devices while keeping your data in sync and secure. The "SEE Finance" folder within your "iCloud Drive" folder is the recommended location when storing your files on iCloud. This location is the default iCloud location for both SEE Finance on macOS and iOS. When viewing files in iOS you will be viewing the SEE Finance files from the "SEE Finance" folder within your "iCloud Drive" folder. Within the macOS program, the "SEE Finance" folder within your "iCloud Drive" folder will sometimes be listed as the "SEE Finance - iCloud" option.

You can change the default storage location for the iOS app in the SEE Finance section in the iOS Settings app. Simply turn the "Use iCloud" option on or off to switch between storing your files on iCloud or within the app itself.

SEE Finance iOS Settings