Securities can have a wide variety of details in addition to the basic details of security type, name and symbol. All securities have the same possible general details that can be set while debt instruments and derivatives have additional details that can be set. Learn more about the different possible details a security can have below.

Note Note: Securities can currently only be created and edited when using SEE Finance 2 for macOS.

General/equity security details

All securities have the same general details listed below. Equity based securities are limited the details below.

General security details:

  • Name: The name for the security.
  • Symbol: The symbol for the security.
  • Security Type: The security type (stock, mutual fund, bond, etc.).
  • Currency: The currency the security is listed in.
  • Identifier: The identifier for the security.
  • Identifier Type: The type of identifier (CUSIP, ISIN, or institution specific).
  • Goal: The security goal.
  • Asset Class: The security asset class.
  • Sector: The security sector.
  • Yahoo! Symbol: The symbol as listed on Yahoo! Finance.
  • * Needed when the symbol used in the program isn't the same as the one used on Yahoo! Finance.

  • Download Current Price: Whether or not the program should attempt to download current prices.
  • Download Historical Prices: Whether or not the program should attempt to download historical prices.
  • Tax Free: If the security is tax free.

Note Note: All details are optional except a name has to be set.

Debt instrument security details

Debt instruments have the same general details listed above plus the debt instrument specific details listed below.

Debt instrument specific details:

  • Issue Date: The issue date of the debt instrument.
  • Maturity Date: The maturity date of the debt instrument.
  • Par Value: The debt instrument's par value.
  • Issuer Type: The type of issuer (treasury, municipal, or corporate).
  • Coupon Rate: The coupon rate for the debt instrument.
  • Coupon Freq.: The frequency coupon payments are made.

Derivative security details

Derivatives have the same general details listed above plus the derivative specific details listed below.

Derivative specific details:

  • Derivative Type: The type of derivative: Call or Put.
  • Und. Security: The underlying security for the derivative.
  • Expiration: The expiration date for the derivative.
  • Strike: The derivative's strike price.
  • Shares/Contract: The number of shares of the underlying security per contract (default is 100).
  • American: The style of option: American or European.