Investment accounts

Track held investments by recording the investment transactions and general transactions that occur in your investment accounts. Create investment accounts to represent the accounts you hold at financial institutions or setup an investment account to track the holdings of a single mutual fund.


Investment account types

Track the value of investments using the following subtypes:

  • General: For use when a more specific subtype doesn't apply. Can track cash and holdings.
  • Brokerage: For brokerage accounts. Can track cash and holdings.
  • Single Mutual Fund: For tracking the shares of a single mutual fund. Does not have a cash balance.

Note Note: For investment accounts created manually you will need to record position adjustment transactions to setup the holdings in the account as of the date you want to begin tracking the account. For investment accounts created by Direct Connect downloads you will need to update any initial position adjustment transactions to have a Price of the cost basis per share of those shares. This is due to the information from the institution not containing cost basis information for shares held prior to the transactions available in the download/file.