Scheduled transactions

Pending Status

Planning for upcoming transactions can be done by scheduling transactions to post on the desired date(s) or by recording transactions early and marking them with the "Pending" status. When you schedule a transaction it will post a transaction on its due date. When transactions are generated from a scheduled transaction they will post with the "Pending" status by default.

Through scheduling transactions or by posting transactions early you will be able to take advantage of some additional options in the program. Transactions marked as "Pending" that have dates on or before today are considered to be overdue transactions and will be shown in accounts with an orange background color by default. Transactions posted early with dates after today will be shown in accounts with a yellow background color by default. You can customize the background color for early posted or overdue transactions in the Colors preferences. By posting transactions early and using the "Pending" status you will be able to track additional balances for accounts such as being able to view the total amount for pending transactions.

Record and edit pending transactions in the Transactions section, or within an account's Transactions section.

Note Note: Setting up scheduled transactions currently requires SEE Finance 2 for macOS. The scheduled transactions setup in your file will still generate and post transactions in SEE Finance 2 for iOS, but editing the setup of scheduled transactions currently needs to be done SEE Finance 2 for macOS.