Customize SEE Finance 2

Customize SEE Finance

Designed to be flexible and customizable, SEE Finance contains many options to better help you track your finances and make doing so more of a pleasure instead of a chore.

Customize SEE Finance

Add some color to your financial life

Customizing the colors for accounts, payees, categories, tags and other items can help you more easily identify the information throughout the program as well as allowing you to make the program more your style.

Customize Colors

Fonts & sizes

On macOS, you can customize the fonts and sizes to make them larger for easier viewing or just for using a desired font. On iOS, the app was designed to use the font and sizes set for iOS overall to fit right in with the rest of your apps.

Customize Fonts & Sizes

Preferences across all areas


There's many, many preferences you can adjust in the program. There's options for adjusting colors, fonts, sizes, transaction entry, investments, account downloads, currencies, exchange rates, and more.